Saturday, October 27, 2007

He was a friend of mine...

Two days ago my world shattered when I found out that my friend of 36 years was killed in Iraq. Adam and I have remained friends through good times and bad. Along the way we have had many adventures filled with humor.

For the past couple of days I have been reflecting on those memories while riding an emotional roller coaster trying to deal with the loss of a good friend. Everything that has been pissing me off about what is going on in the world now became more real than I could ever imagine. A cruel slap to the face leaving me powerless and numb. As I type now pictures of Adam litter my desk. I repeatedly read the press clippings on the Internet, and I am amazed how compact and concise the media has made this tragedy.

Adam was due to come home at the end of November. Initially, he was supposed to be out of the Army last August, but with the "stop loss" tactics in place he was sent back to Iraq for another 15 month deployment. My anger stems from this administration's blatant mishandling of our nations most precious resource, our armed forces. Adam, like his brothers and sisters in the military, gladly went to Iraq because of their dedication to this country. I admire that dedication and selfless service that our military provides to keep us safe. So, I must apologize for not doing more to protect those who protect us from the greedy individuals that used this war to further their twisted agendas and line their pockets with blood money. While Adam and his comrades have not failed us, we as citizens have failed them.

As I move forward I must keep vigilant not to let my memories of Adam fade. I will miss his generosity, loyalty, and strength. Adam's gregarious nature made him the lynch-pin in our circle of friends. Adam was excited to get home and meet up with everyone. I sure that even though his time in Iraq was hard Adam would have funny stories to tell leaving everyone on the floor in stitches. Comfort now lies in stories of our shared past.

Rest in Peace Adam. You are already missed.

Adam J. Chitjian August 30, 1968- October 25, 2007.