Monday, June 23, 2008

Hello Kitty

I have always been allergic to cats. My reaction to their dander sends my to the hospital for an adrenaline shot in the bum. Problem is...cats love to come up to me and rub themselves all over me. Like they know they have the power to destroy me. Little assassins!

Every girl I have dated has been a cat lover. My wife loves cats and when we were dating had one. Somehow she chose me over the cat, but I wonder sometimes if she thinks she made the wrong choice? Anyway, the past two days a gray cat has camped outside our house. It is a gray male, and is very friendly. Of course, my wife thinks its lovely. I do not. Well, actually I do but will not admit it. Yes, our mouse issues would be nil, and my son would finally have the pet he always wanted if I decided to adopt it and bring it inside. However, this would mean living the rest of my life wearing a bio-hazard spacesuit. For now the cat is fine just where it is, outside.