Saturday, March 26, 2011

Currently I'm....

Disillusioned: Disappointed in someone or something that one discovers to be less good than one had believed.

Thanks Merriam-Webster. Currently if there was a mood icon over my head it would read “disillusioned.”   Why? Well, if you have to ask you either live in a cave with the rest of the troglodytes actually thinking the world is a groovy place to live, or you haven't been sucked into the maelstrom yet.

What I thought would stop with the Obama administration (corporate greed, senseless wars, putting everyone into poverty) has actually gained momentum. Republicans are gutting every social program possible while demanding the wealthy and corporations pay no taxes. Democrats are not that far behind since they are complacent and in fact probably benefit from those Republican ideals anyway. "Sorry, we're broke, but we have money for bullets, bombs, and statues" Statues? C'mon Mayor Nutter, really? Oh, and Governor Corbett, cutting education is the easy way out, but we understand. It's hard to make tough choices. Those Natural Gas drillers are tough customers. See folks, our political landscape consists of two teams, that both reek of entitlement, duking it out for the championship. No matter who wins we still lose.

My only saving grace is motorcycling. Cranking out the throttle on the highway is the only way for me to disconnect anymore, because if think about the current state of affairs too long I really start fearing for my family. They make me vulnerable. I used to laugh when I heard someone say "bringing children into this crazy world was irresponsible." Now, that idea seems plausible. Hell, even Charlie Sheen is starting to make sense.

Yes, he did say this in one of those crazy interviews. I love the internet cause where else can you find gems like that picture. But alas, once the telecoms have their way and kill net neutrality that love will end too, and we will only have access to the infotainment they want us to see.

Everyone needs an escape for these times. For some it's drugs, and for others it's a belief in the afterlife. Me, I'll take barreling down the highway at undocumented speeds any day. Hey, if were lucky Jesus will show up on May 21st and pull the plug on this mess. I should have taken the blue pill. Oh well, time to check facebook.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Erik Buell Swag Contest

Okay, Erik, where's my swag??