Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, the election is over and a regime change is coming. Democrats won big but will this produce results needed to heal the country? Hmmm...I'm hopeful but my pessimistic view of American politics has been nurtured by years witnessing high jinks on the hill. President-Elect Obama is definitely a step in the right direction after years of Republican anti-intellectualism. My main concern now is how Obama is going to work with Pelosi and Reid? One would ask "What's the problem they're both Democrats?" That's my point. Democrats have not shown the ability to walk lock-step like Republicans, and this could lead to infighting amongst Democrats who all have their own agendas. Let's face it, a politician is a politician, and they all have an agenda. But in this time of uncertainty in the U.S., we need unity. With that said I hope Obama's message of change prevails.

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