Thursday, March 22, 2012

Southern Migration

So, I have settled into my new life south of the border. Charleston, South Carolina has become my newest home. While I have moved about the southeast of Pennsylvania for the past 11 years this is the farthest I have ever moved. My wife wanted to come home to South Carolina, and applied to transfer into the South Carolina conference of the United Methodist Church. Lo and behold, to my good fortune, we landed in the lowcountry.

Charleston is a mixture of refugees and locals. One person described Charleston as a “conservative city with a drinking problem.” While many have said that the lowcountry should be called the “slooooowcountry.” I believe it is a little of both. The refugees are mostly from Minnesota and Ohio. The Navy and Air Force have a huge presence here, and the area has been undergoing an industrial rebirth with the arrival of Boeing.

Being one of the oldest cities on the east coast, Charleston has a rich history and culture, and that mixture has seduced this northerner to stay in the south. Yes, there are some crazy things going on in the news regarding South Carolina from the new discriminatory voter ID law and politicians not exercising the option to think before speaking, but that kind of thing happens everywhere.

Charleston is a motorcycle town. Motorcycles are everywhere since the weather is conducive to year-round riding. Good beer and barbeque are also the norm. So, I’m content. What more can I ask for? Well, a job would be nice, but don’t worry it will come. 

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