Sunday, January 29, 2017

Silent for five years….

While the past five years have been exciting, and full of events that have tested the country and world a sense of hope still prevailed. I’ve had a front row seat for the tragedy at Emanuel AME, and the shooting of Walter Scott. The fear and anger felt by those in the community did not give way to violence, and the victim’s families forgave those who perpetrated these acts of violence. The community came together as one to continue forward and work together to confront the past and make a better future.

However, this past election season was different. Trump’s ascension to President of the United States could be considered a sign of the end times. Reason, Science, and Compassion have left the building. Fear mongering, Xenophobia, and Fascism, wrapped in a flag carrying a cross, has become the mantra of the highest office the country.

While the above paragraph may be dismissed as to general, or simplistic assessment of the current situation, Trump’s first week has been a doozy. We joked in the past that his handlers should turn off his Twitter account, but perhaps it would’ve been more prudent to hide all his pens.

The thing I fear most now is for an event that will escalate Trump’s agenda into the stratosphere. We are one “9-11” away from an unraveling this country has never seen. The concessions and mistakes made during the Bush administration after 9-11 will be pale by comparison.

For now, I watch and wait.

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