Monday, December 29, 2008

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

What can I do? I am watching again as Israel goes on the offensive against Hamas. I want to understand why Israel believes that packing a people in to a small territory and cutting off aid and the basic necessities of life (water, electricity, the ability to move) would not incite rebellion? Have we forgotten our experience in the ghetto of Warsaw, Poland? Did we forget how the Jews fought with every inch of their life a losing battle but still fought bravely against the Nazis? Perhaps, this current situation is what Israeli leaders have been waiting for. A chance to finally remove any resistance or existence of the Palestinian population in Gaza. But why?

Okay, I know the history of the region, but doesn't our history teach us this is a losing battle? This continued aggression, despite the fact that rockets and suicide bombers constantly plague Israel, only elevates the Palestinian status to freedom fighters struggling against a colonial aggressor. Which is really the truth at this point, because if we changed the names for example Palestinian to Algerian and Israeli to French, we would understand the outcome. When one marginalized group is backed up against the wall their odds at liberation increases 100 fold. Doesn't Israel understand this? Israel lost the battle before it began. Even if Israel drives the population of Gaza into the sea, Israel will lose any security it ever wished to gain, because the Palestinian cause has become the rallying point for all Arab and Islamic fanatical hatred towards Israel. Of course not one of Palestine's neighbors cared about them before the creation of the State of Israel, but now that doesn't matter.

O, Israel! Look at what you have become! Has the struggle rendered your hearts incapable of mercy and compassion? Will the G-D of Abraham forsake the children of Ishmael and not deliver them when they cry out? What can I do? I still love you and stand by you. But I fear what the future holds for you. 

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