Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tea Baggers: spoiled little children refusing to grow up.

By now we should all know something about the “Tea Baggers” and their spoke-persons Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. So, what has these people’s knickers in a twist?

Out of control government spending?
Universal healthcare?

Perhaps, but I doubt it, I mean where have they been for the past decade(s)? All of a sudden an African American becomes President of the United States and in one year the country has plunged into hell. Really?

Take note! Tea Baggers are having an effect on the political spectrum.

So, let us look at this movement on the local level. Here in Avondale, Pennsylvania, lawn signs have been popping up calling everyone’s attention to an out-of-control government. I guess they just figured it out. Well, the signs have a web address at the bottom AdvanceFreedom.org. Nice ring to it, who doesn’t want to advance freedom and the .org domain extension adds a grass roots earthy kind of feel. However, these baggers intent is not warm and fuzzy. Sinister? Okay, sinister might be over reaching, but their ideology is a throw back to the 1800s.

Issues these tea-baggers are complaining about were created by them for the most part. Deregulation of the banking sector has produced the financial crisis this country is in now. When George W. Bush first bailed out the failing investment houses on Wall Street the Tea Party Patriots were nowhere to be found. Why? Well, he’s was a Republican. Let’s not forget that this is a Conservative Republican movement even though they claim a non-partisan atmosphere. Republicans had been in control of the house and senate for over a decade, so the sleeping giant had no reason to wake up, because it was too busy raping the county’s coffers.

Now it’s all the Obama Administration’s fault? Granted I’m not overly impressed with Obama’s work so far, but look what he inherited, and I’m not impressed with politicians on either side of the aisle anyway. I would whole heartedly join with these so called patriots if their intensions were true, however, from what I can see… So, what can be gleaned from AdvanceFreedom.org is a lot of empty rhetoric based on the decades old 5000 Year Leap by Cleon Skousen. Not exactly a fair and balanced look at the Constitution or American History. Well, if you are white and wealthy you probably subscribe to this take on U.S. history.

At a recent gathering Tea Bagger gathering in Washington, D.C., Mr. Beck called for a return to GOD. I wonder whose GOD he would be referring. The rhetoric of coming back to GOD and traditional values of our founding fathers is perplexing to me. Should we bring back slavery, take away women’s right to vote? What values are they harping about?? In a nutshell I observe these so called “patriots” to be over indulged baby-boomers who are upset that they are not getting their way anymore. They’ve blown their inheritance and have to pay the piper, and don’t like it.

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